EconoView is a management development program, that aims to help you develop an economic perspective.

These days, economics is important to understand the financial market, as well as product market.

EconoView draws on experiences of South East Asia, Russia, Africa, Europe and the US, to understand the linkages between different economic elements.

Why do you need EconoView?

Events in 2008, where problems originating in one country lead to fears of a global recession, show how closely the world is connected. This learning will be re-inforced as the Covid-19 crisis unfolds.

Businesses are globalising – markets are integrating, within a country and globally. It has therefore become necessary to understand how a change anywhere in the world e.g. trade deficit in the US- or monsoon in India, would affect businesses in a different part of the globe.

Such an economic perspective needs to be internalised, so that in the dynamic world, as events happen, you are able to understand the implications on your business or division.

We believe that employees who have a strong economic perspective are a key part of any organisation. We expect that in the days to come, every company will have a Chief Economist.

Who will benefit from EconoView?

The following will benefit from EconoView:

  • Managers who are key decision makers in their organisations, in areas such as corporate strategy, globalisation, international alliances, business development etc.
  • Wealth managers / Relationship Managers
  • Investment professionals
  • Heads of medium and small organisations, who want to improve their decision making with a better feel of the external environment

Kindly note that this program is not targeted at students or executives with less than 5 years of experience.

Curriculum for EconoView

EconoView revolves around the following modules:

  • Understanding Economics as a System
    • Economic Philosophy of Countries
    • Fiscal, Monetary, Trade, Investment Policy
    • Interest Rate, Exchange Rate & Inflation
    • Role of Convertibility
    • Business Cycles – Lead and Lag Indicaters
    • Balance of Payments
    • Role of Demographics
  • India in Global Context
    • Globalisation & BRICs
    • Uniqueness of India
  • Experiences
    • Linkages between policy and markets – Learning from different countries
    • EconoMaze – The Interplay of Markets

The standard version of this program is handled in 1 to 2 days, depending on the background of the participants.

About Facilitater

Sundar facilitates most of our programs. Given his width of education, expertise and exposure, we do a range of programs on strategy, finance, economics, markets & business development in India and abroad.

Our programs are not about slides. They are serious memorable learning experiences. Most of our MDPs are customised to meet specific client requirements.

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