Touch Points Published date Download
Blue Bonds: The Changing Colors of Ethical Bonds 14-Jun-19
Shariah Funds: A Balanced View 5-Dec-14
The BitCO(i)N Risk 25-Dec-13
Inflation 15-May-08
Education: Time for a Futuristic Policy? 2-Nov-03
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Value Curve: a Tool for Competitive Positioning 1-Jul-03
Jet ka Sahara 24-Feb-03
Reliance Infocomm – a Strategic Management Perspective 2-Jan-03
ThinkStrat 28-Aug-02
Where is Consulting Headed? 15-Aug-02
Balanced Scorecard 5-Jun-02
Tatas – Acquirer or Administrater of VSNL? 3-Jun-02
Knowledge Management 13-May-02
e-Governance 6-May-02
Roadmap for UTI 22-Apr-02
Role of the Indian Government in Business 7-Apr-02
Internet Telephony 1-Apr-02
The Audit Profession 25-Mar-02
Co-branding 18-Mar-02
Alliances 11-Mar-02
E-Learning 4-Mar-02
Smartphones 25-Feb-02
Managing Change – the Arun Shourie Show 18-Feb-02
Corporate Brands and the Software Sector 31-Jan-02
The New “Old Economy” 28-Jan-02
The India Post Channel 21-Jan-02
The Pen is mightier than the Gun 14-Jan-02
Business Models and Business Risk 7-Jan-02
Asset Re-construction and NPAs – are we on the right track? 30-Dec-01
Can Competition be Good for You?  Ask LIC 24-Nov-01