Thought Leadership Published Date Download
Proactive Pivot: Where the Start-up Economy needs to meet the Old Economy 23-Feb-22
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Deflation, Commodity & Debt Risk in Top 50 countries 12-May-20
China: Strategy & Counter-Strategy 3-May-20
Debt Mutual Fund Dilemma 28-Apr-20
Lesson 14: Sweeping Lock-downs are similar to Chemo-therapy 27-Apr-20
Lesson 13: Data is Oil, but People Drive Performance 25-Apr-20
After the Lockdown: Emergence of a New Global Economic Order? 11-Apr-20
Twelve Policy Lessons from Covid19 7-Apr-20
Operation Twist: Is it an Antibiotic with Side-Effects? 27-Dec-19
When does your Business need a Strategic Review? 3-Dec-19
Money meets Strategy 15-Oct-19
The Financial Postman 28-Jul-19
The 10X Consultant 28-Jul-19
Indian Demographics & Governance EconoView 11-Jun-12
Risk Profile: Model Portfolio to Optimal Portfolio 23-Nov-11
Will the Tremors of Japan hit the World Economy? 1-Apr-11
Financial Bloodtest Report 1-Jan-11
SSSelectively Invest Classification Scheme for Investment Products 1-Jan-10
The Elephant is Trumpeting; where are the Babies? 1-Jan-10
The Recession 2020 EconoView 31-Dec-08
The Inflation EconoView 15-Jul-08
Value Creation in IT Outsourcing 9-May-03
Super CFOs: Competencies for Success 20-Apr-03
Changing Role of CFOs 3-Nov-02
Futuristic Office of CEO 31-Oct-02
Business Plan 15-Jul-02
Interplay of various markets 11-Feb-02
What Every Indian Should Know About the Enron Story 13-Dec-01
Banking Sector Consolidation 1-Jan-00
Globalisation 15-Dec-99