finGeM is like a mini-MBA. It gives participants an orientation to management, without going through the long MBA program.

Benefit of finGeM is that the focus on different aspects of management can be customised to suit the needs of companies.

Why do you need …?

Not everyone can afford the time and money for a full MBA program. Yet, management education helps people progress in their career.

finGeM makes management education accessible for the masses.

Who will benefit from …?

finGeM takes management curriculum of people who cannot devote the time, or spare the money, for a full MBA. Thus, it helps a large number of working professionals progress in their career.

finGeM also helps the employer company, through customisation of the curriculum. Thus, the program can be woven into the work-place.

Curriculum for …

finGeM for companies is customised to suit your needs. For instance, the coverage of finance can be reduced, while re-focusing on another discipline e.g. marketing. The standard 2-week program covers the following:

  • Basic
    • Financial Statements – Understanding
    • Financial Statements – Evaluation
    • Cost & Management Accounting
    • Project Evaluation – Basics
    • Overview into Banking & Finance
  • Advanced
    • Money flows, Exchange Rate, Interest Rate, Inflation
    • Economic Structure of India – a Global Perspective
    • Banking & Financial Services (BFS) Sector – Landscape
    • BFS – Products & Services
    • Project Evaluation – Advanced
    • Working Capital Management
    • Legal Framework of Business
    • Business Model
    • Business Plan

About Facilitater

Sundar facilitates most of our programs. Given his width of education, expertise and exposure, we do a range of programs on strategy, finance, economics, markets & business development in India and abroad.

Our programs are not about slides. They are serious memorable learning experiences. Most of our MDPs are customised to meet specific client requirements.

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