Would you not like to know the STARk reality, of your …

  • Channels to the market?
  • Channel Managers?

The future of your company depends on that knowledge – and the resulting channel strategy.

Power your marketing channel, to the exponential power of ‘k’.

Why do you need …?

STARkGrid helps address the typical issues faced by Chief Marketing Officers…

  • How strong are my channels to the market?
  • Where are my channels headed?
  • How can I guide my channels along the desired path?
  • What should be my competitive strategy towards each type of channel partner?
  • Are my Channel Managers suited for the role they perform?
  • Are your Channel Managers in control of their destiny? Are you in control of yours?

Who will benefit from …?

STARkGrid will help the following middle management and senior management professionals:

  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Channel Managers
  • Channel Partners who have a team working under them.

Curriculum for …

The STARk grid is based on over 2 decades of experience with Channel Managers & Channel Partners.

The STARk grid is hard hitting – it presents the stark reality of your channel.

The following grid is relevant for managing the Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) Channel in the banking & financial services industry.

We can structure a grid that is suitable for your industry and channel. Power your marketing channel, to the exponential power of ‘k’.

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Our programs are not about slides. They are serious memorable learning experiences. Most of our MDPs are customised to meet specific client requirements.

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